Hey Guys!! 08/11/2010
Alright, so this is Jess! The J from DoubleAJMusic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
SO I've been reading the comments, and I'm guessing you want a video already, right?
Well, we are trying SO hard to get together, but it's summer vacation, we have vacations, Allie has piano, I have basketball, and Anna, well, I actually don't know about Anna(sorry girlie!)
Anyway, we are each going to post a video about ourselves, and in each video, we will sing a song, so you can hear us individually. 

We are going to be posting on Youtube, also. We already have it setup, but we need our videos! EEK! I think that a video would be vital to becoming discovered...don't you?

Anyway, thank you so much for commenting, and I hope you will check back soon so you can FINALLY hear/watch us!

Love ya guys!

Our blog!!!!! 07/09/2010
This is our blog! As we said on our homepage, please leave your comments, questions, and or song suggestions here. Thanks and enjoy our music videos :)